Twilight: Blue light filter v12.1-408 [Pro] Apk


Twilight Pro: Blue light filter Apk is exciting software to help you sleep. Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you use your Android phone before bedtime at night? We introduce Twilight software to you. Recent research has shown that exposure to water before bedtime may disrupt the normal rhythm of sleep and that one cannot sleep. The reason for this is the optical receptor in the eye called Melanopsin. These sensory receptors are restricted to a group of blue light and cause the eye to stop producing melatonin. In the morning, you will see a wide blue spectrum on your mobile phone. At night, you will see a red color that you can sleep with ease.

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PRO version features:

  • More than 2 predefined profiles
  • Adjustable transition time
  • Option to turn off Twilight service completely during idle time
  • New features are often provided for PRO.

Basics on circadian rhythm and the role of melatonin:

Some User Reviews on PlayStore

I’ve used this app for years and it’s amazing! I use it daily, well, nightly πŸ˜… it’s so simple and do useful, and sums so much more that I can with just the phone itself. – Brittany

IT FILTERS THE STATUSBAR FOR REAL!!! omg i have waited so long for this. Since some android upgrade version, 8 or something, the general filter apps couldn’t do this with the statusbar anymore and some still don’t. But not satisfied anymore i tried another one (this one) and wowww, you guys worked around it. Also the way colorfiltering works is somewhat the same as redshift for pc. Which i’d love to have on my phone, but this is a VERY GOOD replacement! – Tamamayo

What's New!
– In-app Review API integration
– Fixes in smartlight
– Full screen coverage fixes on some devices
– Slovenian and Sinhala translations (big thanks)
– Premium version SALE info

Download Twilight: Blue light filter v12.1-408 [Pro] Apk

App Screenshots:

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