Townsmen Premium v1.14.3 [MOD] Apk


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Townsmen Premium
Townsmen Premium
Developer: HandyGames
Price: $0.99+

Townsmen Mod Apk is a beautiful and popular game in the style of strategy and simulation games from HandyGames gaming studio for Android operating system, which is offered for free and is considered one of the most beautiful and top Android games with more than 10 million players from all over the world. Goes and a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 also shows this fact.

In this game, you will be provided with a very small village that you have to develop its economy with various tasks, help the development of your village by extracting resources from the mines, collect taxes from the people of your village, all kinds of pubs, Build markets and, decorate your village with all kinds of beautiful sculptures, lush gardens and magnificent buildings and provide an environment where the people of the village are happy and live in happiness! Your overall goal in Townsmen is to turn the game’s small village into a dream city! Yes, you have to make every effort to build a unique and beautiful city so that eventually the village becomes a big city.

Some features of Android Townsmen strategy game:

  • Having an urban gameplay in the Middle Ages
  • Entertaining the villagers with their various daily affairs
  • Includes dozens of different buildings to create by you
  • Includes a variety of scenarios and challenging tasks
  • Full support for Android tablets and smartphones
  • Support for the popular Google Play game services
Some User Reviews on Google Play

Excellent game, one of the best economic rts in my opinion. Not so easy and casual, but still very exciting for novice player. Includes some purchases like more prestige (it’s like a second money) and double experience for researching (instead of academy). Anyway, here is no pay to win gameplay which is a huge plus. The only con is buying unlimited skip cos it was free in other games of this series. But it’s cheaper than cup of coffee for propagandists) – Nick 

What's New!

Fixed login to the Google Game services and with that the access to cloud save
Enabled full screen support for some high aspect ratio devices which didn’t work before

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Download Townsmen Premium v1.14.3 [MOD] Apk