Thursday, December 8, 2022

Textra SMS PRO v4.55 Apk

Textra SMS PRO Donated Apk is an application that can replace Android’s default messaging system with multiple features. If you’re tired of the look of your default Android messaging system, you can try this app.


Some of the features of the Textra SMS Android app:

  • Ability to manage and send text, SMS, and multimedia messages
  • Featuring over 800 beautiful emoticons for use in messaging
  • Customizable sound, image, and color for your contacts
  • Having a floating window for viewing SMS as soon as it is received
  • SMS encryption capability
  • Simple, classic, and user-friendly interface
  • Free and no annoying ads
What's New!

✔ Added support for underlining of addresses, dates and times, as well as the existing phone numbers, email addresses and URLs in message bubbles. When you tap an underlined element, we now offer a mini-menu with applicable app options. For example tapping 11pm, will offer your calendar app to Schedule or View, as well as Copy and Share options.
✔ Quick memos (audio) are now encoded in AAC format, so that iOS devices can play them.
✔ Bug fixes.

Download Textra SMS PRO v4.55 Apk Donated! 

Download Textra Emoji – iOS Style v5.0 Apk



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