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Android is an open-source operating system, so apart from the official versions, we can easily find several unofficial versions of it on the Internet. I know these unofficial versions as custom ROMs, and some of them are very popular and have millions of fans. These unofficial versions usually have more features and capabilities than the official versions of Android and sometimes have a much more beautiful appearance. Cyanogen Fashion was one of the most popular custom ROMs for Android, which was recently released and is no longer supported by the development team. This has prompted fans of this custom ROM to have Cyanogen features on their phones. One of these features was the Cyanogen Theme Engine or Motor Theme, which allowed users to make a wide variety of changes to their operating system interface.

Fortunately, the Cyanogen developer team continued the project in a separate engineering theme. This engine theme is called Substratum and besides custom ROMs, it also works on most original ROMs, and by installing it, you can add exquisite themes to your device and change its overall appearance. The app itself has been released for free by its creators, but its themes are made and released by other development teams, so they are often paid and require a significant fee to install. This prompted us to offer Substratum themes for free to give your device a special and unique look. Today we are at your service with a monetary theme of this type of theme.

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Swift Installer – Themes & color engine is a beautiful theme for Android Substratum, developed by Nishith Khanna Software Group and released for $ 1.99 on Google Play. With this theme, you can choose various and favorite colors for different parts of your phone’s user interface and give it a beautiful and attractive look. It has also changed the quick access icons of the notifications with this program, giving it a fresh look. To use this theme, you must also download and install the engine theme from the download section. Note that your phone must be rooted to use the features of this theme.

Some features of Swift Installer – Themes & color engine:

  • Includes a variety of themes
  • Includes color engine with infinite options of dark colors
  • Easy and fast update system. No need to reinstall for each update
Some User Reviews on PlayStore

A truly amazing app. Very well made, easy to use, lots of options and very very cheap with minimal to non existence impact to performance. It’s a recommended substratum alternative from me. – Ηλίας Κ.

Updated Review. Fixed within 24 hours! Super solid work guys! As someone who dabbles in App development myself. Totally understand the ins and outs, and bugs happen. Regardless I’m amazed with your guy’s speed, and understand what an enormous undertaking this is. Not to mention the amount of hours work that has been put in to this app. I super appreciate this app, and the work you guys put in. Not to mention IMHO the price is super fair. Well worth the price, and more. A must buy! Kudos guys! 🙂 – Edmonds

What's New!

• Added support for new apps updates

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Download Swift Installer – Themes & color engine v487 Apk

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