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Sense Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free) v6.3.4 Apk

There are many times when we need to know the weather in the future. Whenever we want to travel, when we want to start construction or when we want to get our car in the car, these and other things need to know about the weather in the near future And if the weather is decided on without knowing the weather, it could result in a lot of financial and life damage. Forecasting is done through weather radars around the world. They predict the weather depending on the wind, clouds, etc. There are various ways to access such information. Fortunately, weather information is free and there is no need to pay for it. There are a variety of sites in different languages ​​that can be obtained from such information. One of the newest ways to find out about the weather is to use weather forecasting apps, which are also very popular. Today we are at your service with a detailed Android weather app.

Sense Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free) is the title of an Android OS clock and weather forecast app developed by MACHAPP Software Ltd for $ 6.49 on Google Play. The app will automatically find your location by GPS and automatically update the weather every 5 minutes or according to the settings you specify. In the weather conditions, you will find many details such as humidity, air pressure, probability of rain, visibility, wind conditions, UV index, current air quality. The background of the app also changes depending on the weather and day and night.

Some features of the Android Sense Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free) app:

  • Showtime and weather forecast
  • It has different widgets with the possibility to change the shell
  • Clock display with several different fonts
  • Show next alarm clock
  • Automatic location by GPS
  • Automatically update weather status
  • View different weather details
  • Weather forecast for up to a week
  • Weather forecast up to 4 hours
What's New!

Version 6.3.4
– Use system notification theme for Android 12

Version 6.3.2
– Updated notifications for Android 12
– Fixed alarm issue
– UI improvements
– Bug fixes

Download Sense Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free) Pro v6.3.4 Apk

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