Save Location GPS Premium v5.6 Apk


Android smart devices have a variety of features and capabilities that users use throughout the day; one of the most widely used Android GPS devices is to help find routes. Today in this post we are going to improve your searches on online maps by introducing an application startup. Save Location GPS is the title of a GPS app and storage of favorite locations for Android released by Rayo Infotech. With its unique technology, this software helps you to easily store all your favorite places and save time and money on the Internet to find them. The maker of the app has pointed out a wide range of features in the description, most notably offline. The offline system will mark your preferred locations without any cost, with maps saved so you never miss them.

Some of the features  of Save Location GPS app:

  • Find the place you want with a powerful, smart search
  • Save and share high-usage locations
  • Super navigation system and changes to the destination
  • Add different details to saved locations
  • Ability to edit any of your desired locations
  • Offline system for use at no cost
  • Creating groups of specific locations
  • Sync information to your other devices

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What's New!

You can login into app and save your data to server so incase you lost your mobile or something happen to your phone you can retrieve all your location in another phone by login.