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Robot Assassin: Bullet Fight is an action-style arcade game released by Funny Game Studios studio for Android devices. Mobile games have been highly diversified over the years, especially in action-style games, but there is less of an action game that can be truly entertaining and enticing gamers with its content. Robot Assassin: Bullet Fight has been able to perform well with a simple gameplay and attract the attention of thousands of gamers around the world. Of course, in spite of its simplicity, this game can actually be challenging and competitive! Like many games of this genre, gamers start their game in a rectangular-like environment and must be able to reach from the lowest point in each stage to the highest point. The main character in the game you control is a professional robot killer with deadly weapons.

At every stage huge waves of hostile robots that are your enemy are attacking you and you must try to repel their attacks and destroy them one after another. As you progress through the game, the robots become more advanced and their attack patterns change. As the robots become more sophisticated, the stages change as well, and the barriers to your path become more difficult. At the top level you have to watch all your moves and your enemies and analyze different situations and situations like a chess game.

Download Robot Assassin: Bullet Fight v2.13 Apk

Download Robot Assassin: Bullet Fight v2.12 [Mod] Apk

File size: 75 + 79 MB
Price on Google Play: $ 2.99
Developer: Funny Game Studios
Requires Android: 4.4 and up
Rated on Google Play: 4.1 out of 5

What's New!

1. New In-game Promotions
2. Free revive for 1st death
3. Beginners’ task added
4. Bug fix and improvements