Power Shade Pro v16.2 Apk


Power Shade Pro Apk is the most advanced software to change Android Notifications panel that makes your notifications slider look great and to your liking. With this app you can easily customize the notifications section of your phone to Android P style and customize it to your taste. This Android app has been developed and published by Treydev Inc.

Features of Android Power Shade Pro Apk:

  • Full color customization of designs and all elements of the notifications section
  • Powerful Notification Options
  • Quick response to messages for all devices running Android 5.0 and up
  • Categorize app notifications for easier control
  • Different themes inspired by Android P
  • Quick Settings panel
  • Change the brightness drawer color
  • Ability to select profile photo
  • Ability to change the layout of quick settings (e.g. number of columns and rows)
  • And …

Mod Info: Rus. and English. languages, analytics disabled, optimization (Zipalign)
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Download Power Shade Pro v16.2 Apk

Download Power Shade Pro v12.56 [MOD] Apk

What's New!

◎ Added dedicated music player
◎ General improvements and fixes

◎ Added blur mode for all devices (in Colors)
◎ Added a power button (in Layout)
◎ Fixes in heads-ups
◎ Fixes in fullscreen
◎ General fixes and improvements

◎ Fixes in brightness slider
◎ Fixes in sim switcher
◎ Fixed a bug on lockscreen
◎ Other optimisations

◎ Fixed issues in fullscreen
◎ Fixed backup feature when using custom images
◎ Fixed brightness slider glitches
◎ Fixed vibration in dnd
◎ Switched to native ads
◎ General fixes and improvements

◎ Tile icon shapes (in Layout): 2 new styles (gradient and holo) and improved squircle
◎ Option to tint the active tile’s icon (in Colors)
◎ Updated translations inside the panel
◎ General fixes and improvements

◎ Fixed an important crash
◎ New battery icon
◎ New option to shift battery down (in Layout)
◎ New circle outline tile shape (in Layout)
◎ Fixed refreshing of right icons
◎ General fixes and improvements

◎ Added support for dual sim (re-enable app to activate)
◎ Fixes in fullscreen for some users
◎ Fixed a bug where the notifications order wouldn’t be correct
◎ Fixed a bug where some notifications wouldn’t show compacted
◎ Fixed a crash on long pressing the brightness icon
◎ Crash fixes