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Periodic Table 2020 PRO v0.2.112 Apk

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Periodic Table 2022 PRO
Periodic Table 2022 PRO

All the objects around us that we use are made up of different elements, each of which has its own properties; all of these elements in chemistry are categorized by a table that The table is called the periodic table. In the periodic table, all elements are in a particular row and column by atomic number, electron arrangement, and chemical properties, and by referring to them in this table we can obtain specific information. The periodic table is as influenced by technology as anything else and nowadays anyone can easily access the digital version. Periodic Table 2020 Pro is a full-featured, full-featured periodic table developed by August Software and published on Google Play.

Just install this startup app and access one of the most complete 2019 periodic tables. One of the most popular features in this software is the complete information about each element, so just touch the elements you want and access all the information. Unlike many other similar apps the developer team has tried to display a picture with each element to make it much easier to capture.

Some Features of Android Periodic Table 2020 Pro:

  • Access to a perfect table
  • Show exceptional and complete information just by touching the element names
  • The Wikipedia link for more information is displayed along with the description
  • Special illustrations for most of the elements in the periodic table
  • Ability to search for your favorite elements
  • Sort all elements by 10 different modes

File size: 19 MB
Price on Google Play: $ 2.10
Requires Android: 4.1 and up
Rated on Google Play: 4.9 out of 5

What's New!

– Fixed valency – Manganese
– Added Emission Spectrum – Phosphorus
– Improved table – Electrochemical series
– Improved Spanish and Russian
– Improved search engine
With each update, the application becomes better, if you like the application, please take a couple of minutes to leave a review)

Due to kind request from the developer, the download links has been removed, please download from Google Play to support them. 


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