PdaNet+ FULL v5.23 Apk


PdaNet + FULL unlocked has both PdaNet and FoxFi modes that can be shared with other devices in different ways using these two methods. This app turns your Android phone into a WiFi hotspot or USB broadband modem. If you use USB for Internet subscriptions, PdaNet + supports all Android phones and tablets, and you should check if your phone or system supports it if you use WiFi. To check out phones that support this app’s WiFi, you should visit this site. Also, you do not need to root for software. We suggest you never miss this app!

Price: Free
Some User Reviews on Google Play

Love this app. I have used it for years. I use it instead of my work internet so I can do my personal browsing without being watched. I contacted customer support once and they were quick to respond. It just works for me. T-mobile, Samsung phones, windows computer. I have used this with at least 3 different versions of Galaxy phones. – Mike

I only have two problems and I understand why one’s there, 1: the wifi timer is short. 2: when I leave the app on for a while it dims the screen tremendously and glitches the home buttons while I’m in the app. But I have to be in the app in order for it to work properly cause the timer will go off and the phone won’t vibrate or make a noise to notify you, I have to check it constantly. Besides that I’m so impressed with the app and its ability to use hotspot even when your carrier won’t allow it. – Bain

What's New!

1. Supports Android 11, also requires updating Windows client from http://pdanet.co/install
2. Fixes “Proxy port error”.
3. Improves Windows connection speed.
4. Fixes Android 11 WiFi direct connection from tablet.
5. Fixes serial code registration error.

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