NT Calculator – Extensive Calculator Pro v3.4 Apk


NT Calculator - Extensive Calculator Pro

All users of Android smart devices, like everyone else, do day-to-day personal computing, which sometimes confuses them. Using calculators is one of the best options for getting a precise and painless calculation. In this post, we are going to introduce you to a great calculator. NT Calculator – Extensive Calculator Pro Apk is a fast and feature-rich Android calculator released by Thanh Le Tran Ngoc. This app with a set of special features helps you to do any kind of calculations quickly and get an accurate answer. One of the most important features of this calculator is the support for various computational functions, and that helps anyone with any level of knowledge be able to solve their problems. Besides, a built-in unit conversion system is included in the list of features that can be considered as one of the most advanced features of this great startup. Better not miss this great software and follow us on to get it.

Some features of the NT Calculator – Extensive Calculator Pro:

  • Perform quick calculations without any hesitation
  • Widespread access to mathematical applications
  • Four basic computing features in an easy environment
  • An extraordinary scientific calculator to meet high-level needs
  • Access to two-degree units and radians
  • Smart history for storing all calculations
  • Bank calculator to calculate interest rate or loan installments
  • Super unit conversion tools

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Change Log:

What’s new:
1. Now you can edit number wherever in the calculator (Standard Calculator will apply firstly).
2. Fix bugs and improve performance.
3. Improve UI.