Sunday, September 19, 2021

MyRadio v1.0.68.06021 [Vip] Apk

Radio is the first mass audio medium with which we are all fully acquainted. One of the most exciting things about the radio is that it is not old! So much so that even in 2020, when we see the spread of technology worldwide, many people are still interested in broadcasting radio channels. Radio channels broadcast various programs depending on their type, all of which are related to a specific category and group. However, we must say that in the past few years, radio has also been affected by the spread of the Internet, and many of them are broadcast on the Internet, which is one of their main advantages! With this in mind, we intend to introduce you to an excellent radio program in this post. 

MyRadio: Free Radio Station, AM FM Radio App Free is an AM and FM internet radio application developed by QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes and published on Google Play. If we want to explain this startup to you in the simplest possible way, we can say that it is one of the most complete Internet radio programs that provides its users with access to more than 58,000 preset stations. 

The main difference between this radio program and similar tools is its support for AM and FM waves; Which puts all radio enthusiasts together in one environment. All available radio stations are in their categories so that everyone can choose the best radio station according to their taste. A large part of these radio stations belong to music; And you will find any style that you are interested in in this list. Search for your favorite channel and mark the best networks with a single gesture. The built-in timer allows you to run your desired wave safely, and the program will stop automatically after a certain period.

Some features MyRadio:

  • Access to more than 58,000 radio stations worldwide
  • Support for AM and FM radio stations
  • Option to search through the list of channels
  • Mark your favorite stations
  • Internal alarm clock to wake up to the sound of your favorite radio station
  • Internal timer to stop playback after a certain period
  • Option to share channels
  • Categorize all stations in their specific groups

Download MyRadio v1.0.68.06021 [Vip] Apk


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