Meteor – App Speed Test v2.0.6-2 Apk


Meteor: App Speed ​​Test is a professional and practical application for accurate Internet speed testing of Android smart devices, developed and published by If you have noticed, some speed test programs are only for network professionals and ordinary users can not easily use them. Due to its unique capabilities, in addition to network engineers, this application makes it possible for ordinary users to use it and measure the exact speed of their internet. With the support of its intelligent system, Meteor checks the type of your connection and provides you with its speed with unique algorithms.

The measured speed is not just a moment and is displayed according to specific time intervals and several different tests. In addition, it is good to know that speed is tested on several programs to significantly increase measurement accuracy. All connections are supported, and both download and upload speeds will be measured simultaneously. In addition to measuring speed, Internet ping is also calculated, and its size is displayed.

Some features Meteor – App Speed ​​Test Android app:

  • A special and unique method for measuring speeds
  • Supports display of both download and upload speeds
  • Show the exact amount of internet ping
  • Supports all types of connections such as Wi-Fi, 3g, 2g, and…
  • Access the history of all speed tests performed along with the results
  • Supports speed testing on various applications
  • Measure the speed at different time intervals to increase the accuracy of the measurement
What's New!

Meteor got a fresh coat of Paint! 💅 In this release we refreshed the design of all of our screens, and did loads of cleanups under the covers. We’ve also improved our App Performance tool and added a bunch of new apps for you to test performance against!

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