MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO v5.8.0 Apk


MacroDroid - Device Automation
MacroDroid - Device Automation
Developer: ArloSoft
Price: Free+

MacroDroid – Device Automation Pro Apk [Unlocked] is a great and powerful software for automating tasks and operations for Android devices that is a product of the ArloSoft programming team, allowing you to define different processes and help Those processes no longer need to go through multiple steps! For example, suppose you want to make your photos shake and upload to your Facebook social network or you want to automatically connect or disconnect the Internet if this is the case. With the powerful MacroDroid – Device Automation program, you can easily do this in a classic and simple environment.

The MacroDroid – Device Automation app, with tens of thousands of downloads from Google Play, is top of the line work automation apps that we recommend for users who want to make their Android phone smarter.

MacroDroid - Device Automation Screenshot

Some Features of MacroDroid Pro Apk:

  • Ability to define actions to automatically share the latest photos on Facebook by shaking the phone
  • Ability to define the operation to clear Internet connection after running one Program
  • Automatically send your favorite SMS message to your friends!
  • Ability to build your own Macro with over 40 powerful and unique functions + 70 operations
What's New!


  • Airplane mode action can now be done on a non-rooted device on Android 7+ (by making MacroDroid the default assistant app).
  • Launch Application action now supports a package name option.
  • MacroDroid variable values can now be passed to Tasker plugins using Tasker formatting style (%varname).
  • Added wind direction value to weather trigger (and weather specific magic text).
  • Updated integer variables so they are now backed by a long type so they can hold values > 2,147,483,647.

Added Contact via App action.
Added magic text for last known location altitude.
Improved re-order functionality in edit macro screen, so the view can scroll while dragging.
Re-allowed uses a black button bar even when in dark mode (to support Samsung devices that don’t color the bar correctly).
Minor UI tweaks and bug fixes.

A major UI overhaul to bring the interface up to date and improve the general usability of the app.

Mod Info:
Pro features unlocked;
Maps Location work;
Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
AOSP compatible.

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