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Ludo Club - Fun Dice Game Cover

Ludo Club - Fun Dice Game
Ludo Club - Fun Dice Game
Developer: Moonfrog
Price: Free+

In Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game, you can play the game in two ways and in two main parts. The first part is the offline part of the game, which is divided into two different parts. The first type of game is a solitaire game with artificial intelligence in which you can create a 2 to 4 Mensch game and play with robotic opponents. But the same offline section also has a multiplayer section or Loca. In this section, you can play the game on a device for 2 to 4 people. Each player is in one of the 4 corners of the image (just like the classic and physical version) and can move their pieces. But other than that, Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game has another very attractive and competitive part online. This section is also applicable in two modes for 2 or 4 people.

As soon as you select the desired section, you will go to a room and wait for another player or players to join, and after all of them have entered the room, you can start the game and play Mensch in turn. You can even play this game with your friends. In this section, the possibility of sending emojis and default chats is also included so that you can communicate with other players. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the color you want and when the game starts, when it’s your turn, click the dice button to try your luck at getting the number 6 and inserting the pieces into the ground.

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Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game is a very attractive and entertaining game that with its small size, can entertain you for a long time. Be careful that the competitiveness and fun of this game is not addictive for you. If you want an interesting nostalgia for Mensch game, do not miss Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game and download the latest tested version from Farsroid right now.

Some User Reviews on PlayStore

It’s a fun game I just cant seem to stop playing it the only thing I wish I could do is pause it when I have to walk away from my phone sometimes because without being able to pause it at times of needing to I lost a lot of the challenges that way is there any way you guys can figure out a way to make it to we can pause the game when necessaryto do so??…Other than that I love this game keep up the great work – Esther

This game is so relaxing, soothing, and easy! Whenever I play with Bot, I always win because they only move one pawn at a time. If I were an advertizer, I would make thousands and billions of ads for this game and the whole world would download it after all!! – Adrika 

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