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Knots 3D v7.4.0 Apk

Knots 3D Cover Apk

Knots 3D
Knots 3D
Developer: Nynix LLC
Price: $5.99

Knot is the method of tying and securing linear materials such as rope and thread by twisting or twisting; In many cases, knots help people a lot and provide the conditions for us to meet our special needs. Climbers, fishermen, firefighters and other people in various jobs use a variety of knots, each of which of course has its own difficulty. Knots 3D is a unique knot training application developed by Nynix LLC for Android and published on Google Play. The above program helps you to learn different nodes by using three-dimensional designs and use them in different situations.

There are more than 130 different nodes in this startup, each of which is specific to a specific activity. All the nodes in this collection are placed in their own category and you will be able to see the necessary training in this field. The speed of playing the animations is up to you and you can adjust it according to your needs. Rotate the available animations 360 degrees and learn how to tie in the best possible way.

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Some features of Knots 3D Android application:

  • Access to 131 unique and diverse nodes
  • Browse nodes by their specific categories or search for their title
  • Supports landscape and portrait modes as well as full screen
  • Play animation, teach nodes and pause, and adjust playback speed to suit your needs
  • Rotate the knots 360 degrees for a flawless tutorial
  • Communicate by placing nodes by touching the screen and zooming in on them
Some User Reviews on Google Play

This app has been very useful for me in learning how to tie knots. Also, the addition of the looping feature has improved the usability of the app for me. – James

What's New!

– Updated Sailor’s Cross animation
– Minor bug and translation fixes
– Added continuous animation setting
– Added swipe sensitivity setting
– Option to show counts in tab bar

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App Screenshot:

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