Friday, March 24, 2023

iGetter for Instagram Pro v4.4.34 Apk

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Limiting social networks has always been one of the problems that users try to overcome by using various methods. One of the biggest limitations of the social network is Instagram; By installing the official version of the program, the user cannot receive any of the clips and images. One of the many ways to overcome this limitation is to use the unofficial version or Instagram Plus, which you can access with a simple search on the ApkBlog, but many users due to some issues. Security does not use unofficial versions, and there is a practical solution for this group. iGetter for Instagram Pro is the title of an application or in other words, a small plugin for downloading Instagram photos and videos for Android, which has been published by Yahami Lab.

With the help of this special application, you will be able to receive your favorite images and clips from Instagram servers in the simplest possible way in three stages. There are no restrictions on the amount of files selected, and due to the high speed of the program, all of them are received and stored in just a few seconds.

In addition to the above, another unique feature of this popular plugin is the ability to download profile photos; With easy system support, you will be able to get public profile page images in the simplest possible way. There are no ads in the IGTR environment, and you will have access to all the files received by going to the History section.

What's New!

→ Fix minor UI issue of hotfix v4.4.31

→ Fix error 103 issue. Now required login!

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