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Time is an unknown phenomenon that we have been able to use and measure without understanding it. In the past, different clocks were made, each of which increased the accuracy of time measurement and reduced the number of errors. The reason for this effort to increase the accuracy of the clocks was their efficiency. Watches are used to create harmony between people and phenomena, and their accuracy means the accuracy of the harmony. In today’s world where all people and businesses have to work together, it’s important to have coordination, and everything has to be done on time. Now everyone has their own smartphone and can use it to access the exact time.

That’s why many people turn on their phones at different times so they can find out when. When we wait, this happens more than usual, and time is checked in shorter intervals. That’s why constantly checking your phone can be difficult and cause damage to your phone. Today we are at your service with a program that automatically checks the time for you and you get rid of the constant checking of the phone. Hourly chime PRO is the title of an app for automatically announcing the time in the specified time periods, for the Android operating system, which was developed by Caynax and released on Google Play for $ 7.49.

In this program, you can specify your desired time periods so that you will be automatically notified of the expiration date when the promised time arrives. For example, you can set the program to announce the clock so that when each new clock arrives, a sound such as the Big Ben clock will be played. The number of sounds in the app is large and you can also use the sounds in the phone’s memory. So a different sound is played to announce each time period, and this frees you from constantly checking the phone.

Some features of Hourly chime PRO Android app:

  • Ability to announce minutes
  • Secondary support
  • Has the ability to convert text to audio (to announce your favorite clock or text)
  • It has the color of sunrise and sunset
  • Has a widget for active / quick deactivation of program alarm
  • Simple user interface
  • It has different modes for playing audio through headphones / headsets
What's New!

5.10.x [+bug fixes] Added (PRO app version only) option to play “sound + TTS” in single chime definition

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