Hopeless Raider-FPS Shooting Games v2.2 [Mod] Apk


Hopeless Raider-Zombie Shooting Games Mod Apk is an action game released by JoyMeng GAME Play Studio. The infection has spread all over the world. In order to avert this tragedy, agents of Country X ordered to investigate the source of the crisis. At the same time, dust from the mutated incident, a veteran mercenary has begun fighting the zombies. In this tragedy, he lost his family. He needs revenge and finds the source of the disaster and then destroys it! For this shared purpose, they work together to solve this problem. The inhabitants of this city have all become zombies. Arm yourself and fight for survival. In addition to the zombies, there are many other types of enemies in the disaster. They are much stronger than zombies.

  • Monster: They blow themselves up when you are close to them, make sure you shoot before they reach you, otherwise you will die.
  • Clown: is a monster that attacks from a distance. When there are a lot of zombies, remember to prioritize killing the clowns.
  • Ghost: They can dodge bullets, cause great damage, but they move very slowly. Fast, accurate and solid shooting is the most important hypothesis to counter.
  • Zombies: Zombies have extremely high speed and high damage, make sure your weapons and equipment are well equipped and fully armed. If you face them, the battle will be fierce.
What's New!

Newly increased melee–reverse all enemies with fists
Newly added sniper off – the most powerful sniper incarnation
Optimized the card in question – it’s easier
Melee and sniper are currently integrated into the mainline, so please appreciate and experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our official team: https://www.facebook.com/groups/258963064802217/?source_id=1945713212171423

Mod Info: VIP + Unlimited Diamonds 

Hopeless Raider-FPS Shooting Games v2.2 Apk

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