Hidden Cats: Detective Agency v0.4 Apk


In Hidden Cats: Detective Agency, the main style of which is Hidden Objects, a subset of the puzzle and puzzle games, you play the role of an agent from a detective agency who is assigned to travel to a city for an exciting case. The case before this detective is to find cats that have hidden and disappeared. Your main task in this character’s role is to analyze each photo correctly at each stage of the game and look at the details carefully. The details of these photos, which are all hand-painted, are hidden cats that are not easy to find.

At the beginning of each stage of the game Hidden Cats: Detective Agency, you must find the cats displayed in the list at the bottom of the page in the pictures and go to the other hidden cats. After finding all the cats, that step is done, and you can go to the next steps.
During the game, you go to different parts of different cities in East Asian countries such as China and Japan.

Although he has determined the age rating of the game for all ages, the creator of the game has said in the game description section that the game Hidden Cats: Detective Agency may not be suitable for people under 12 due to some cases. To download the latest version of this game tested in two versions, normal and mod, refer to the Farsroid box download section.

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