Greenify v4.7.5 [Donate] Apk


Greenify Donate Apk is a program that detects malicious applications and disables them when not in use. Many Android apps do not shut down completely after leaving and remain in device processing. Now, with this app, your Android device won’t run out of battery and overclock after installing multiple apps. This app speeds up and reduces battery life by managing applications that are unknowingly using CPU and other system resources, making your phone as fast as the first day.

The way Greenify works is quite different from similar apps, so you can easily call and run the software as needed. The way the software works is that the program disables the phone’s cache but runs at high speed as soon as it is invoked. This program is almost unlike any other program, so unlike the Auto starts the program you can use all the features that represent the user interface of the Frontend or unlike the Task Killer programs that attempt to close the program. And that is an incredible capability of its kind.

Greenify (Donation Package)
Greenify (Donation Package)
Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: $2.99

Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (1.39 MB total apk size)
Analytics Disabled
Encrypted all resources
Languages: En, Ru

This is Greenify (Donation Package)
Mod Info: Donate features unlocked – no additional key needed.

Greenify [Donate] v4.7.5 Apk

Greenify v4.7.3 MOD Apk

What's New:

Due to policy enforced by Google Play, the persistent notification “Greenify is running” is now shown on Android 8.x. If you don’t want it, please disable its notification category (by long-pressing that notification to enter settings)