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GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic Full v21.0.6 Apk

Sygic GPS Navigation Full Unlocked

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
Developer: Sygic.
Price: Free

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic Full Unlocked is the most popular and most used offline navigation software in the world for Android, with over 100,000,000 downloads from Google Play by users worldwide. The Most Offline GPS Software in Google Market Selected! This app displays maps of different cities and countries on the best possible quality on your smartphone and requires no internet connection to view the maps.

You can download the map of cities and countries around the world with the sound of a man or woman and enjoy a unique router. If you are looking for one of the best and most complete router software on Android, we suggest you try out Sygic. This is the latest version of this application released today in the Market for Android and we have introduced the full version for download in your presence.


Some features of the GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic Android Application:

  • Show map of different cities of high quality
  • 3D map of cities and places
  • Display street and alley names and traffic alerts
  • Displays speed cameras and alerts about unauthorized speeds
  • Warning about changing the speed limit within each range
  • Three route display modes
  • Mark favorite places
  • Ability to store maps on the device
  • Free and fast map updates
  • Ability to add friends to the map
  • Audio guide and audio guide in Farsi
  • Routing by voice
  • Search in Persian and Finglish
  • View many restaurants, gas stations, parks, hospitals and schools
  • Running on tablets
What's New!

New feature alert: Mobile Speed Cameras
Real-time information from the world’s largest mobile speed camera database will help you avoid speeding tickets. On top of that, the community of 5 million drivers reports thousands of additional mobile speed cameras every day.
You will get an alert when there is a speed camera on your route so that you can adjust your driving.
The Mobile Speed Cameras license is valid for one year. Fixed speed cameras are available to all Sygic users for free.

App Screenshots:

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