Floor Plan Creator v3.4.7-365 [Unlocked] Apk


Floor Plan Creator Unlocked Apk

Floor Plan Creator
Floor Plan Creator
Developer: Marcin Lewandowski
Price: Free+

Floor Plan Creator Full [unlocked] Apk is the title of a full-featured application for building interior maps and plans in various dimensions, released by Marcin Lewandowski for Android. This software allows users to professionally design 3D maps and customize the interiors of their homes! One of the great abilities of this program is the creation of different floors with different interior designs that are unique in their kind. In addition to designing walls and interiors, a variety of tools are included within the “Plane Flora” that allows you to easily select home interior decoration!

The software intelligently measures the interiors and provides you with furniture and decorations that are environmentally friendly so you can create a 3D environment of your mind with your favorite layout. There are also two metric and imperial systems that anyone can use depending on their needs. Drawings created in the form of photos can also be downloaded and saved.

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Some of the features of Floor Plan Creator Apk:

  • Create different projects on different floors
  • Create customizable interior designs for walls and other available spaces
  • Automatically calculates the level and size of environments and automatically adds labels to created environments
  • Support for S-Pen and mouse pens
  • Three-dimensional and two-dimensional mode for viewing the facade in different directions
  • Ability to create decorations
  • Built-in environments
  • Synchronizing and backing up design plans on cloud servers
  • Get images of created designs
  • Supports metric and imperial units
What's New!

* Added kitchen hood, jacuzzi, toilet paper, shower system, auto-numbered circle, man, printer, chair, pillow, armchair, plant, SUV.
* Battery for kitchen sink added.
* Remember recently used wall colors and apply them to new rooms.
* 3d controls improved.
* Cylinder symbol improvements: transparency, configurable openings.
* Window outside sill and handle configurable.
* Sofa armrest can be removed.
* Bugs fixed.

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