Exploring some of SD Maids Useful Options & Tools


SD Maid is an android application which gives you a lots of option and tools to clean up your phone, or even manage files and applications. Previously we did another guide How to clean your Android Phone with SD Maid? Please do check it out.

1App Control:

With this tool you can as the name suggest control the installed applications, although if your android is rooted you get control over system apps, let’s try it and see for our selves.

As the image above shows, the app needs to do a Scan to list all the applications that you can manage, so let’s try tapping on Meme Generator app.

As you can see in the image on mid and the right side, you can get a lots of information about the app and do stuff, such as:

  1. Export the APK file of the app.
  2. Delete or Uninstall
  3. Check out the permissions
  4. Which folders and locations are used to store its files.