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Drops: Language learning – learn 33 languages! v36.36 Apk

Contrary to what many people think, English is as accented as any other language; it speaks two different dialects, one being British and the other American. If you listen to movies or audio files in English, you will find that some of them blend the vocabulary in a way that expresses the speaker’s dialect. With this in mind, anyone with a taste or interest will try to learn English with their own accent. If you look at language learning apps, you will find that over 90% do not support the American dialect. In this post, we are going to introduce you to a great startup in learning American English.

Learn American English for free – Drops is a full-featured Android English-language learning app developed by Language Drops and released by Google Play Marketplace. The program, with its unique training system, helps you learn English easily and in just a few months. Unlike many similar applications, this software only takes up to 5 minutes each day and helps you to continue your learning even in the toughest working conditions.

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Some Features of Drops Language learning Apk:

  • Learn American English Completely
  • 5-minute tutorials to learn in the most difficult situations
  • Swap mode to answer questions
  • Several different modes of training and questions to record vocabulary in your mind
  • Record all your progress in a variety of information
  • Categorize all educational words into different groups
  • Nice and easy user interface
What's New!

We’ve made improvements to the Drops app to offer you a better play experience. Happy language learning!

Original Apk for Now! 

Download Drops learn 33 languages! v36.36 Premium Apk

Download Drops learn 33 languages! v34.48 Arm64 Apk

App Trailer:

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