Dragon shooter – Dragon war v1.0.95 [Mod] Apk


Dragon shooter - Dragon war Cover

In Dragon shooter – Dragon war – Arcade shooting game, unlike other similar games that are often in the field of space battles between warships, in this game your hero forces are not equipped and modern spaceships and jets, but a large torpedo and They are giants with fire coming out of their mouths! This interesting idea makes this game different from many other similar titles, but the overall graphics and gameplay, as mentioned, is almost the same. In this game, you go to the fantasy world of the legendary dragon and in the role of one of them, you have to work to defend your land. Your task is to attack the enemy bases and destroy them with the firearms that your dragon has. Like similar games in the same genre.

Dragon shooter – Dragon war – Arcade shooting game also has features such as the ability to release and buy better forces and different weapons. If you are a fan of Shoot’em up style games, do not miss the Dragon War game because it has a different and fun style and context. This beautiful game is now ready to download as tested in two normal and modded versions of the Farsroid Download Center section. To get more familiar with this game, you can watch the video of its introduction trailer or see the screenshots of the game’s internal screenshots from the relevant section.


Some User Reviews on Google Play

Great game. Difficulty is challenging, but fair and you can level up your dragons, their pets and their abilities. Great graphics and artwork too( especially for the dragons). Just one request : need more dragons. The dragon select screen has space for at least three more dragons, so please ,more dragons. – James

What's New!

– New feature: Dragon Soul
– Reduce the difficulty of Normal mode
– Game balance

File size: 88 + 84 MB
Price on Google Play: $ 2.99
Developer: ONESOFT
Requires Android: 4.3 and up
Rated on Google Play: 4.5 out of 5

Download Dragon shooter – Dragon war v1.0.95 Apk

Dragon shooter – Dragon war v1.0.89 [Mod] Apk

App Screenshot:


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