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Drag Racing
Drag Racing
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Drag Racing – Drag Racing is the title of a very attractive and entertaining game in the style of racing games, which has been published by Creative Mobile Games for Android devices. This game studio has already presented other successful games and has a good record in this regard. If you are a fan of racing games, especially car racing, we suggest you do not miss Drag Racing at all. This game is one of the most well-made and popular in its genre and you will undoubtedly add it to your list of favorite games. Car racing style from the past to the present is one of the hottest styles in the Android market and many well-known and successful games have been presented in this style. Therefore, a good game of this genre that can attract the attention of gamers must have high standards.

Fortunately, Drag Racing, despite its small size, has been able to go beyond expectations and offer attractive gameplay. The gameplay mechanism is very simple and is what we expect from a overtaking tournament game. As you have probably seen in fast and furious movies, overtaking races are different from normal racing races. In this way, the races are held in a straight and short way and the two cars are placed next to each other and start moving after the trigger, which is usually a flag or the green light. The whole route is usually a second to a quarter of a mile, which is why the acceleration power of cars that usually use nitrogen is the most important factor in success.

Features of Drag Racing Android game:

  • Possibility to drive different cars with several hundred horsepower
  • Ability to upgrade and strengthen cars
  • Ability to participate in online competitions
  • Existence of dream cars such as Skyline GT-R, Ford Mustang Classic and BMW M3

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What's New!

– Added support for Android 11

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