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Custom Formulas
Custom Formulas
Developer: BinaryEarth
Price: $2.99

Each of the mathematical calculators follows a specific formula and to get some answers they have to go through them, but sometimes some calculations are personal and there are no specific formulas for them or a personal formula for easy To make your calculations wet, you have written that in such a case, you have to use one of the programming languages ​​to convert the formula, but in this post, we want to offer you a simpler solution. Custom Formulas Paid is a great application for building your own custom formulas, developed by BinaryEarth for Android and published in the Google Play Android Market.

Easily convert all input values ​​into several different formulas and receive multiple values ​​as output. One of the best cases in this smart app is its support for categorizing all the created formulas, so that for easier access to them, it is enough to refer to the desired category and perform all kinds of calculations. Easily save each formula in a text file so you can share them with your friends.

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Some features of Custom Formulas Android application:

  • Create fully custom formulas for a variety of values
  • Display output values ​​multiple
  • Get output of formulas with variable names
  • Access to three preset formulas
  • Export formulas created in the form of text files
  • Share your favorite formulas
  • Categorize all formulas into different groups
What's New!

6.1: Added two new functions to get the current time. See “Expression Help” page for details.
6.0: Fixed bug with saving results of computations to CSV file. Also changed this option to use the variable descriptions (if available) instead of variable names.
5.9: Fixed bug which was preventing negative values from being entered on formula computation page.
5.8: Added “Dark mode” option on preferences page.

Download Custom Formulas v6.4 Apk

File size: 5 MB
Price on Google Play: $ 1.99
Developer: BinaryEarth
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Rated on Google Play: 4.8 out of 5

App Trailer/Screenshot:


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