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Windows is one of the first operating systems and one of the most popular in personal computers and even some smartphones. Since the release of the first version of Windows, various updates have been released for it, and these updates have continued until now! Today we see Windows 10; An operating system with an attractive design and a sticky environment that helps us easily work with our computer and meet our needs. The popularity of the Windows user interface is so great that it can be seen that some users in other operating systems want to customize their UI and bring it closer to Windows.

For this reason, several launchers for simulating Windows have been released on Android, each of which provides you with specific capabilities. Computer Launcher Win 10 Launcher Free – No Ads is a Windows 10 launcher for Android developed by AppTech Launcher Studios Inc. and published on Google Play. Just install this unique program and turn your smartphone environment into a Windows 10 environment! Everything you can imagine is embedded in this launcher and the simulation is done at a very high level. The Start menu lets you view a list of your programs and run each one with a single tap.

One of the most important features of this startup is its great customization capability so that anything you can imagine can be changed and you will be able to change it to your liking. The intelligent and automatic classification system puts all programs and games in 18 special categories so that you can have quick and unlimited access to them if needed. Like Windows, place the application icon on the desktop and change its position by dragging and dropping. The built-in Action Center lets you quickly access commands such as turn on Wi-Fi, mobile data, flight mode, and more, and meet any of these options.

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Some features Computer Launcher Win 10 Launcher Free – No Ads:

  • Complete and intelligent simulation of Windows 10 environment
  • Access the Start menu for quick execution of programs and settings
  • View drives and list images and videos just like Windows 10
  • A set of special options for customizing high-level launchers
  • Change fonts and font colors to suit your needs
  • Unique action center for quick execution and activation of some features
  • Ability to hide important apps and games
  • Automatically categorize your games and apps into 18 different groups
  • Ability to put contacts on the desktop
  • Supports dragging and dropping icons just like Windows
Some User Reviews on PlayStore

Great launcher… It’s fast on my OnePlus 6 device, easy to use and provides a perfect Windows desktop experience. – Lavania

What's New!

No Ads
Landscape Window Feature
Multiple Language Support
Use phone wallpapers
Finger print app locker
Hide app
Live wallpapers
4k Wallpapers
Computer win 10 style android homescreen

File size: 7 MB
Price on Google Play: Free
Developer: AppTech Launcher Studios Inc.
Requires Android: 5.0 and up
Rated on Google Play: 4.4 out of 5

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