CD-ROMantic PRO 🌴: Vaporwave Music & Video Maker v3.2.0 Apk


CD-ROMantic PRO: Vaporwave Music and Video Maker is an application for making Vaporwave music on the Android operating system, developed by M.A.A For Apps PRIME and published on Google Play. The music we play on a daily basis each has a specific genre. Vaporwave is one of the most popular genres that many of us know as soothing music. However, some users like to create their favorite music or turn one of their favorite music into Vaporwave music. 

Undoubtedly, CD-ROMantic PRO: Vaporwave Music and Video Maker is a good option for creating such music. Just install the app and select a music from the app list; If you can not find specific music from the ready list, you will be able to choose your favorite music from your smartphone memory. After choosing the music, a set of sound effects will be displayed, the use of which depends only on you and your taste. 

In addition to creating Vaporwave music, you can mix them with unique videos and turn them into soothing music videos and save them with the right quality if needed. In addition to all the features, you have more than ten ready-made radio stations that play Vaporwave songs continuously. Listening to this style of music helps to relieve stress and fall into a deep sleep for hours in complete peace. However, the speed of playing the songs is also in your hands, and making changes to them is very simple.

Some features of CD-ROMantic PRO Apk:

  • A perfect program for creating different music in Vaporwave style
  • Access to a variety of effects for soothing songs
  • Ability to select songs from the ready list or memory of your smartphone
  • Create soothing Vaporwave music videos
  • More than ten preset radio stations playing Vaporwave songs
  • Support for multiple languages ​​worldwide
  • There were no restrictions on using the software on Android tablets
  • Make changes to the playback speed of created songs
  • Save the created songs with the desired quality
What's New!

🌴 UPDATE v3.2.0 🌴
Thanks for using CD-ROMantic! This release contains the following features, as well as stability and performance improvements
⚫ More GIFs
⚫ Minor bugs fixed, and UI improvement.

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