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Calibre Companion v5.4.4.20 Apk

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Calibre Companion
Calibre Companion
Developer: Samuel Cohen
Price: $5.99

In today’s world, all kinds of information are generated and stored in computer mode. That is why we can see much less paper documents and information than before. Books are among the things that are still used on paper. Of course, many efforts have been made for many years to make books electronic. Great formats have been developed to digitize books that make it very easy to read and share books with each other. There is also great software that can be used to build your own electronic library.

Caliber is one of these softwares. Caliber has clients for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, and this has led to many users around the world. This program is able to identify, view, manage and convert many e-book formats. Despite all these users, unfortunately the developers of this software have not developed a version for Android. Today we are at your service with a program that has tried to fill the vacancy of the caliber Android version.

Caliber Companion is an Android e-book management application developed by Samuel Cohen and priced at $ 4.99 on Google Play. It has three main uses: a device-based, high-caliber library organizer, a WiFi-based caliber device emulator, and finally as a caliber content server and cloud provider (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive). When you import your books into the device using one of the available connection methods, you can view book data such as author, tags, series, rankings, dates, and more. You can also sort and group books by their metadata to make them easier to access.

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Some features Caliber Companion Android application:

  • Excellent organization of caliber library
  • Can be used as a caliber device simulator
  • Connect to Caliber via Wi-Fi and cloud space
  • Display book data (author, tags, series, rankings, dates, etc.).
  • Sorting and grouping books by book metadata
  • Mark books read as well as sync information with caliber
  • Ability to display books in list or cover view
What's New!

– Bug fix for large files being downloaded from cloud

Download Calibre Companion v5.4.4.20 Apk

App Screenshot:

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