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Battery Guru v1.9.11 [Paid] Apk

Batteries are one of the most important pieces of hardware used in smart devices. Each smartphone uses a specific battery with a specific capacity according to its manufacturer’s decision. In addition to the high importance of batteries, they can be considered as one of the most sensitive parts that have decreased over time and you have to replace them in the long run. But there are always solutions that can increase your battery life and delay the need for replacement as much as possible. All you have to do is monitor your battery and intelligently monitor its performance. Battery Guru Paid Apk is a battery care and optimization application for Android, developed by Paget96 and published on Google Play.

This wonderful software helps Android users to intelligently monitor battery consumption and use it in the most optimal way at any time. The above app consists of several different sections, the most important of which are the section that displays battery information and estimates the remaining charging time; In this case, you will be able to measure the health of your battery quite accurately and see the amount of remaining charging time according to your battery consumption. There are several options for optimizing battery consumption at your disposal, and taking advantage of these features will increase the battery life of your device by up to 200%.

By connecting each charger and cable to your smart device, you will see the received voltage, which allows you to choose the best charger with the maximum charging speed. The reminder system provides conditions so that when you connect your smartphone to the charger, do not forget to disconnect it and be notified when the battery reaches a certain level with an alarm.

Some features of Battery Guru Paid Apk:

  • Increase the battery life of Android smartphones up to 200% longer than normal
    Option to view battery health information and estimate discharge time
    View all records of phone connection to charger and battery charge
    Receive an alarm when the battery temperature reaches a certain level
    Reminders to connect the smartphone to the charger or disconnect it from the charger
    A set of specific recommendations to increase battery life
    Unique Doze capability to stop processing after turning off the screen
What's New!

– Updated calculation layer
– Improved health estimation
– Fixed minor bugs
– Improved app code
– Updated calibration button icon per state
– Updated translations

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