Friday, March 24, 2023

BatchSave for Instagram v23.0 Pro Apk

Because of its popular limitation of blocking photos and videos, Instagram’s social network has led various developers to publish different programs for storing shared files on Instagram, each with its own capability. Are certain. As the top Farsi-speaking Android website, Farsrowid has so far provided you with a variety of software to help you escape one of the top tools in Iran for the first time. BatchSave for Instagram Pro Unlocked is a premium and immersive app for group storage of photos and videos on an Instagram-specific Instagram developed and released by Instasave Apps. As mentioned, one of the best features of this software compared to other similar applications available in Android markets is its mass storage system so that you can simply mark your desired images and videos so you can save them all to your device’s memory in just a few seconds.

In addition to the caching system, there is an option at the bottom of each post that is touched, the post is automatically shared with your Instagram, and you can only confirm it with friends by touch Subscribe. Also, note that this software uses the Instagram API and unlike other apps does not pose a threat to you.

Some features of the Android BatchSave for Instagram app:

  • Batch storage of images and video files
  • There were no restrictions on selecting files to store
  • Graphic display of stories with downloadability
  • Save searches by hashtag
  • Access to the most common account management options: Falun, Anfalu, Post Deletion, Liked…
  • A separate gallery for viewing all saved files
  • Option to copy images and post captions for direct sharing
  • Lock all saved images and video files
  • Great system for downloading pictures of any profile
  • Built-in image and video player
  • Share files with other social networks

Important Note: This app has been removed from Google Play and has a 100% security problem and is not recommended at all [Avoid installing it from other sources too!] Proceed at your own risk! 

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