Android App & Game [Tags] Explained

Hi there, almost all of the android applications and games posted on have tags in shape of [tags] included into their post titles or file names, if you are not familiar with the terminology, you may refer to the following list of tags.

  • [Ad-Free] – Ads removed:  Usually free applications on Playstore come with catch, which is ads, if this tag is mentioned that means all the advertisements are removed from the app/game.
  • [ARM] – Designed for ARMv7 or armeabi 32bit CPUs*.
  • [ARM64] – Designed for AArch64 or arm64 64bit CPUs*.
  • [Donate] – Donate features unlocked
  • [ML] – Multi Language
  • [Mod] – Modified apk: Mod features are usually mentioned where the link to Apk files are provided.
  • [Paid] – Paid app that has no license protection
  • [Patch] – Retail apk with custom patch for Lucky Patcher
  • [Patched] – License verification removed
  • [Pro] – Pro features unlocked
  • [Premium] – Premium features unlocked
  • [Retail] – Unmodified apk directly from Google Play, with License Protection. Requires
  • modded Google Play or EdXposed + Jasi/Lucky Patcher
  • [SAP] – Standalone Android Package (split apk that has been merged into a single apk)
  • [Subscribed] – Pro subscription unlocked
  • [Unlocked] – Donate/Pro/Premium features unlocked
  • [x86] – Designed for x86 or x86abi 32bit CPUs*.


  • You can use CPU-Z to find out your device’s CPU info.